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Rubber roofs were historically subject to leakage and moisture buildup. New methods of producing the materials used have reduced or eliminated these issues. When commercial roofing contractors like Montgomery Contractors in the Winston-Salem, NC area are asked for their opinion on a low cost roofing material, they recommend rubber roofing. A rubber roof is not the best solution for every roofing project. However, for commercial buildings which often have flat roofs it is one of the best options available.

Improved seaming

Many early rubber roofs had issues with leakage around the seams. The material used today has been improved by adding an adhesive to one edge of the material when it is produced. By adding the tape directly to the material as it is produced, not only has leakage been prevented, it has also reduced the labor of installing the roof by 75%.

Vapor barrier

Commercial roofing contractors who installed some of the first rubber roof material often heard about moisture buildup on the interior of the membrane. This problem has been eliminated by adding a vapor barrier before the rubber roof is installed. This may sound like a simple fix, but sometimes the easy answer is the right one.

Polyester fleece backing

Businesses in the Triad area also have the option of having a rubber roof with a polyester fleece backing used on their roof. The addition of this backing helps to reduce shrinkage and improved the stretch ability of the material used for rubber roofs. This allows the material to stand up to changes in weather conditions better.

If you are considering repairs or replacement of a roof in Greensboro, NC and the Triad area, talk to a commercial roofing contractor at Montgomery Contractors about a rubber roof. The changes that have been made in the materials used for these roofs have provided commercial roofing contractors with a cost effective and long lasting alternative to offer their customers. Rubber roofs often have a life span of 50 years although it is only warranted for 30 years. Most other roofing options have similar warranties but at a higher installation price.

Before you make a decision on the type of roof you want for your Winston-Salem, NC business, be sure to talk to a commercial roofing contractor about rubber roofs. A rubber roof may not be the best answer to your roofing needs, but it is one of the most cost effective roofing options for a flat roof. There is no sense paying more than you have to for a high performance roofing material. Talk to the commercial roofing professionals at Montgomery Contractors about a rubber roof today, and save your company some money!


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